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Author: fathergoose Subject: Who gives better blow jobs, American or European women?
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Registered: 07-20-2020
Location: Sydney Australia

posted on 08-10-2020 at 17:16 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Who gives better blow jobs, American or European women?

On my multitude of travels, I have encountered a bit of expertise on the subject of receiving oral pleasures from women near and far.

I once knew a young woman named Marlise. She was East German and I was a young and daring spy working for MI5. Marlise wanted desparately to defect to Britain, a request I could fulfill if paid certain expenses for my troubles. She worked for the Stasi, a mid-secretarial position there, but with access to papers I assured would see her through to freedom.

Marlise, long red hair beneath a unflattering scarf, handed me the package. I checked it, then nodded. "Yes, that's almost everything."

"Almost?" Her left eyebrow bent upward in wary surprise. "You didn't mention anything else..."

"Do I need to?"

"Oh, " she said quiety, "I see..."

"No place like the present, luv." I unzipped my pants.


Of course this is all absolute rubbish. I was never a spy, but I did know a young woman named Marlise, and she gave the best blow job I've ever had the pleasure to experience...except for Cindi, my neighboring young nurse in Fresno, California when I was 30 and newly married to another woman named Cyndy, from San Antonio Texas.

Long stories, short: who gives better blow jobs. European women or American women?

American blow jobs or Foreign blow jobs.

You tell me.
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